Permaculture as a holistic system of DESIGN, based on direct observation of nature, learning from traditional knowledge and the findings of modern science. Embodying a philosophy of positive actions and grassroots education. Permaculture aims to restructure society by returning control of resources for living: food, water, shelter and the means of livelihood, to ordinary people in their communities, as the only antidote to centralized power. — Permaculture Activist Magazine

Forest Gardening

On Restoration Seeds farm you will see examples of food forest plantings over the last five years and what success and challenges they are having. We will cover food forest establishment for overstory, understory trees, shrubs, herbs and ground cover vegetation. You will learn how to plan the succession process from an oldfield to a shrubland to an edible woodland.

We learn about food forest maintenance including fertility, irrigation, pollination, diversity. This course will give you the hands-on skills and confidence to establish your backyard, homestead or community permaculture paradise. You will get out of the classroom and into the field.

Permaculture Design Questionnaire

Site owners contributing their site for the class Group Design Project, complete this Design Questionnaire about your site and design needs. Approval required.